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Climb to Coe


The climb up to Henry Coe State park east of Morgan Hill is one of our big local climbs. It’s about 12 miles from the base of the hill on E Dunne ave. to park headquarters, with 2700 ft elevation gain. I did it yesterday with a group starting in Morgan Hill. Our route was a little shorter because we took the steeper shortcut up Thomas Grade. It was about 30 miles total starting near downtown Morgan Hill.

I ride with a branch of Almaden Cycle Touring club in San Jose. Our local Tuesday group is the one I usually refer to rides with. I discovered that there are other groups with ACTC that also start in Morgan Hill, that are faster and do more climbing. That was who I rode with yesterday. They were quite accepting of my e-bike and the ride was enjoyable.

Park headquarters. This is the second largest state park in Ca, with many miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. The views up here are incredible, my pictures didn’t do them justice.

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