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I Created My First KOM Segment


I created my own segment on Strava, so I thought that made me the “king of the mountain” until someone else rides it faster. But it turns out Strava found others in the 70-74 age group who had done it so I’m now number 5. As I believe I’ve previously mentioned, there are a lot of fast old folks in this area! Getting up to number three would require increasing my average speed from 21.1 kph to 22.9 which is a reasonable short-term goal to shoot for. I would need to knock off 13 minutes to get to the top of the leaderboard, that’s more challenging.

I went out and back on Coyote Creek trail on my recumbent, from the Anderson Visitor center to the Bailey underpass and back, a total of 20.69 km (12.9 miles) in a time of 58:43 at an average speed of 21.1 km/hr(13.2 mph). My average heart rate was 124, right around the 120 I was shooting for. This ride felt great so I will keep repeating it as a challenge. I would really call this “king of the flat” rather than “king of the mountain” because it is not very hilly. This was the perfect terrain for my recumbent.

Current leaderboard, I don’t show up on it because of a quirk in Strava that I fixed so it will show my next effort. (These images are all from Strava)

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